Studio Policies

Enrolled Students:


The student is expected to turn up to lessons ON TIME, prepared and ready to work.  Although unforeseen circumstances (like traffic) may make a student late, the lesson will still have to finish within the allotted time.   If you are given music and technical exercises to do away from the lesson, you are expected to come to the next lesson prepared so that we can move forward.


You will be provided a 3-ring binder and music copies (or music books), you must bring these to every lesson.
Water - you don't want to dry up.
A pencil with a good eraser.


Each lesson, you will be expected to be prepared to sing.  This means that you will have all your materials ready, your music, a pencil, water and anything else you need.  You will arrive on time for your lesson.  If you have an audition or performance coming up and you wish to work on those materials, bring them to your lesson and we will work on them. 


Practice!!  Becoming an excellent musician and singer has little to do with natural talent.  Hard work and dedication are the two tools you'll need in order to improve.  Building a strong voice takes time and practicing is the ONLY way to build muscle memory for good technique.   You will be assigned  specific goals for each week and you will be expected to warm up your voice with the selected vocalizes and come prepared to the next lesson with the piece of music and assigned passage(s) learned and ready to present.  If you don't practice, you're only wasting your time and money.  

Sickness / Vocal Health

Everyone gets sick, and that's OK.  As singers, getting sick is the last thing we want to have happen.  You can take care of yourself though.  Don't put yourself in situations where you are perceptible to colds.  Be sure that you nurse your illnesses with rest.  Be sure to take all your vitamins.  IF YOU ARE SICK - do not come to your lesson.  Please cancel -  we will reschedule.  I'd rather you heal before trying to practice your voice again.  


Students will participate in two recitals per year; one in December and the other in May (times and dates TBD).  You will pay a recital fee, which covers your accompanist fees and space costs.  You will receive ample notice to the costs, times and performance expectations.